2018 Event Details

When: Saturday May 12, 2018
Where: 20th Century Theater
Registration: Register here!
CFP: Closed! Thanks for your submissions!

Intrusion Analyst Workshop

We will host the EC Council's Intrusion Analyst Workshop this year at Braxton Brewery!
Full details can be found here.
When: Friday, May 11, 2018
Where: Braxton Brewery, Covington, KY

2018 Schedule

10:00 AM - Danny Akacki - Keynote
11:00 AM - Coleman Kane - Meltdown, Spectre, and the Voodoo That Is Speculative Execution
12:00 PM - LUNCH
1:00 PM - Jeff Vealy - Hacker Carpet Bomb
2:00 PM - Kyle Bubp - Death, Dealing, and Digital Forensics
3:00 PM - Jeff Archer - Phishualize: Using Computer Vision to Combat Phishing
4:00 PM - Matt Scheurer - Active Defense - Help threat actors hack themselves!
5:00 PM - Jerod Brennen - IAM Purple Teaming

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2017 Schedule

10:00 AM - Chris Sanders - Keynote
11:00 AM - Sean Whalen - Practical Defense
12:00 PM - LUNCH
1:00 PM - Joe Gray/Caroline Stephens - Data Carvey: Starting Out In Deep Packet Analysis
2:00 PM - Andy Thompson - Defending Advanced Targeted Attacks with IAM Best Practices
3:00 PM - Doug Burns/Nik Whitis - The Case for Password Auditing in the Enterprise
4:00 PM - Michael Wolf - Mithören: A Simple and Extensible Device for Wireless Peripheral Testing
5:00 PM - Mike Schladt/Chris Boettcher/Andrew Plunkett - Automating the Hunt: Endpoint Hunting with Hashbrowns and BAGELS

2016 Schedule

10:00 AM - Liam Randall - Keynote
11:00 AM - Warren Kopp - Threat Modeling, What and How
1:00 PM - Scott Roberts - Incident Response Tools So Cool You've Never Heard of Them: Hipster DFIR on OSX & iOS
2:00 PM - Nate Hausrath - How to Build an Intelligence Program
3:00 PM - Mark Stockman - The Burgeoning Cybersecurity Discipline
4:00 PM - Coleman Kane - Malware Analysis on a Budget
5:00 PM - Mark Jeanmougin - Your 8 Character Active Directory Password is Strong Enough

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